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Slow Rivers Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the Album Leather Jackets D    C/D    Bb    Csus4 D    C/D    Bb    Csus4       D                        Dm7 The weather man he looks confused C                              G/A                         D      Shakes his fist at the sky like you used to do                                                       Dm7 But you don't remember things like that do you       C                                    G/A                D The balance was uneven but I'm breaking through C      G              D  Slow rivers run cold C          G                   F           G Shallow waters never sank so low Bb                                         F        C I thought I'd drown and you'd never know               C                          F    C/E G  You're a slow river and you run so  cold The winter here don't believe in God The bitter wind just bites through me like a wild dog I still see your eyes tonight like headlights through the fog But one foot in your door oh that's all I ever got G                          C Chances are you'll reappear D                           Em Swim my way in a flood of tears F                                 C   No place to hide your conscience so C                                            Dsus4     D You're a sinking ship with no place to go

Аккорды «Slow Rivers», «Elton John»