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Blue Avenue Music By Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Eb Eb                      Ab/Eb I gotta quit this habbit                                     Eb It's like some drug for you G                                           Cm You've been my sweet sweet addict                         Ab                    Bb I've been your little white boy blue Eb                             Ab/Eb You've got the same obession                                   Eb We ain't no cat and mouse G                         Cm You linger on my lips like confession Ab                Fm             Bb You laid the traps in this house                   C#           Ab    Eb And its no use each way we lose         C#                                                Ab    Eb You and me at the crossroads of Blue Avenue              C# Hit and run hearts collide here         Ab               Eb True love passes through                  C#                                    Ab Looks like we gotta a wreck babe                          Eb  C#  Ab Up on Blue Avenue                         Eb  C#  Ab Up on Blue Avenue Eb Blue Avenue Eb                         Ab/Eb Two hearts got entangled                                      Eb Dirty minds they go to town G                           Cm Every ones got an angel           Ab                       Bb Little lies get spread around Eb                              Ab/Eb Let them say what they want                                        Eb You and me we already knew G                                    Cm Takes more than hocus pocus babe       Ab                  Fm     Bb To save you from Blue Avenue

Аккорды «Blue Avenue», «Elton John»