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Roy Rodgers Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road F    C/E    F/D    C    F/D    C/E F    C/E    F/D    C    F/D    C7/E F                                  C7                           F Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems C7                           F/D C/E F C/E There's nothing there at all        Dm                           Am You just seem older than yesterday                  Bb                                    C     F/D C/E And you're waiting for tomorrow to call You draw to the curtain and one thing's for certain You're cozy in your little room The carpet's all paid for, God bless the TV Let's go shoot a hole in the moon C F/D C/E  F                     G7 Whoa And Roy Rogers is riding tonight Bb                               F             C/E F/D Returning to our silver screens C                        F/D C/E F Comic book charac- ters never grow old Bb                                   G/B               C Evergreen heroes whose stories were told            Dm                                   Am Oh the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains      Bb                                     GB              C F/C C7 Of round ups and hustlers and home on the range Dm                       Am Turn on the T.V., shut out the lights        Bb           Bb/C       F Bb/F F Roy Rogers is riding to-night Nine o'clock mornings, five o'clock evenings I'd liven the pace if I could Oh I'd rather have a ham in my sandwich than cheese But complaining wouldn't do any good Lay back in my armchair, close eyes and think clear I can hear hoofbeats ahead Roy and Trigger have just hit the hilltop While the wife and the kids are in bed

Аккорды «Roy Rogers», «Elton John»