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High Flying Bird Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player Ab  F#/C#  C#  F#/C#  C#         Ab                                  C# You wore a little cross of gold around you neck,   Ab                               Eb I saw it as you flew between my reason.           Bbm                             C# Like a ravon in the night time when you left.               Ab                             C# I wear a chain upon my wrist that bears no name, Ab                           Eb  You touched it and you wore it,                Bbm                        C# And you kept it in your pillow, all the same.                  Ab                   C# My high-flying bird has flown from out my arms,                          Bbm I thought myself her keeper,                           Eb She thought I meant her harm,                          Ab She thought I was the archer,                     C# A weather man of words,               Bbm   Ab   F#        C# But I could never shoot down,                  Ab My high-flying bird.          Ab                                                    C#                The white walls of your dressing room are stained in scarlet red.         Ab                                 Eb You bled upon the cold stone like a young man. Bbm                       C# In the foreign field of death. Ab                                        C# Wouldn't it be wonderful is all I have to say,                   Ab                                                                Eb You never closed your eyes at night and learnt to love daylight. Bbm                        C# Instead, you moved away.

Аккорды «High Flying Bird», «Elton John»