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Salvation Music by Elton John Words by Bernie Taupin Available on the Album Honky Chateau E  A  E E I have to say my friends      Emaj9                 A this road goes a long long way G#m and if we're gonna find the end             A we're gonna need some helping hands E I have to say me friends       Emaj9                 A we're looking for a light a head G#m in the distance a candle burns A                                   B7(sus4)  B7 salvation keeps the hungry children fed Chorus: E                         A E its gonna take a lot of salvation G#                       A          Asus4 what we need are willing hands A        E you must feel the sweat in your eyes D                 A      E you must understand salvation B A chance to pull the devil down G#m without the fear of hell A salvation spreads the gospel round F#m                    B7           E     A     E and free you from your self Solo: G#  G#(sus4)   A   E    D    A    E     

Аккорды «Salvation», «Elton John»