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Idol Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Blue Moves Cmaj7/A    Bm7    Em    Cm/F    Bm7    E7 Cmaj7/A                He was a light star Bm7 Tripping on a high wire Abmaj7               Ebmaj7 Bulldog stubborn, born uneven Eaug/B                 Bm-5+6/F A classless creature, a man for all seasons Cmaj7/A But don't bet them                  Bm7 They can't take him To the very bottom             Abmaj7             Ebmaj7           Because they made him and they'll waste him Eaug/B                  Bm-5+6/F And I don't believe that I want to watch them Cmaj7/A    Bm7    Amaj7    Ebmaj7    Bm-5+6/F                                        Cmaj7/A            G C  D `Cause the fifties shifted out of gear                        D7    G                 C/A  G7/B He was an idol then, now he's an idol   here C         D/C                     D/B        Emsus4+5 But his face has changed, he's not the same no more A7                    B7                                Bm-5+6/E And I have to say that I like the way his music sounded before Cmaj7/A He was tight-assed Dmaj7/B Walking on broken glass Abmaj7         Ebmaj7  Highly prized in the wallet size Eaug/B                       Bm-5+6/F            The number one crush in a schoolgirl's eyes Cmaj7/A                                    Dmaj7/B But don't pretend that it won't end In the depth of your despair Abmaj7                            Ebmaj7 You went from lame suits right down to tennis shoes Eaug/B      Bm-5+6/F To peanuts from the lion's share Cmaj7/A    Bm7    Amaj7    Ebmaj7    Eaug/B   Bm-5+6/F

Аккорды «Idol», «Elton John»