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Chasing The Crown Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album 21 At 33 G    F    C G    F    C F    C    G F    C    G             F    C       G                   F  C     G     I built a wall in China, I sank an ocean liner                    F                                C                           G I've wrecked homes, I've burned thrones, chasing the crown             F          C            G                 F        C            G I've put thorns in your feet, I spread plague in the streets                     Bb                   F                          G I've sprung traps, confused maps, chasing the crown                           C I'm chasing the crown till he bites the apple I was licking my lips till his Son come down                         G              C                                G I'm chasing the crown, the crown, I'm chasing the crown                     C I'm taking a turn in the right direction By leaving his soul in the lost and found                         G      F                        C I'm chasing the crown, I'm chasing the crown I saw the tea float in Boston, I saw the live wire shock them I made them float, I made them drown, chasing the crown I laid the desert sands, I froze the polar caps Well, they'd dry out, and I'd shout "Hey I'm chasing the crown"

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