Аккорды и текст песни «5:06 Am (every Stranger`s Eyes)», «Roger Waters»

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EVERY STRANGER'S EYES embellish slightly on the C, Am, and G chords (for instance I'll just hammer-on the D string for the C & Am, and on the A for the G chord. Intro: C Am Dm G C In truck stops, and hamburger joints, Am In Cadillac limousines, in the company of Dm Has-beens and bent-backs G And sleeping forms on pavement steps, C In libraries and railway stations, Am In books and banks, Dm In the pages of history G C Am And suicidal cavalry attacks I recognize F G C Myself in every stranger's eyes. C And in wheelchairs by monuments, Am Under tube trains, commuter accidents, Dm In council care and county courts, G At Easter fairs and sea-side resorts, C In drawing rooms and city morgues, Am In award-winning photographs of life-rafts on the China Seas, Dm In transit camps, under arc lamps, on unloading ramps, G C Am And faces blurred by rubber stamps I recognize F G C Myself in every stranger's eyes. C Am Dm G And now, from where I stand, upon this hill I've plundered from the pool C Am Dm G I look around, I search the sky, I shade my eyes so nearly blind C C/G Am F And I've seen sights of half-remembered days, I hear bells that chime in G strange, familiar ways C Am F G C F G Em Am Dm G I recognize the hope you kindle in your eyes C F G It's oh, so easy now, as we lie here in the dark Em Am Dm Nothing interferes, it's obvious how to beat the tears that threaten to snuff out the G C smoke of our love.

Аккорды «5:06 Am (every Stranger`s Eyes)», «Roger Waters»