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4.33 AM Running Shoes Am So I stood by the roadside F The soles of my running shoes gripping the tarmac Am F Like gunmetal magnets Am Fixed on the front of her Fassbinder face F Was the kind of a smile Am That only a rather dull child could have drawn F While attempting a graveyard in the moonlight Am But she was impressed F You could see that she thought I looked fine Am And when she turned sweeter F The reason (between you and me) was Am F She'd just seen my green Lamborghini C Am So we went for a spin in the country C Am To feel the wind in our hair C Am To feel the power of my engine C Am C Am C... To feel the thrill of desire F C And then in the trees I heard a twig snap F C Warning lights flashed on my map F C F I opened my eyes and to my surprise

Аккорды «4:33 Am (running Shoes)», «Roger Waters»