Аккорды и текст песни «4:41 Am (sexual Revolution)», «Roger Waters»

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Sexual Revolution ------------------ Em Hey...girl Take out the dagger C D Em And let's have a stab at the sexual revolution Hey girl Let freedom for all be our rallying call C D Em Tomorrow lets make...our new resolution C D Yeah, but tonight lie still G D Em While I plunder your sweet grave C And remember D Em Only the poor can be saved Hey girl As I've always said I prefer your lips red Not what the good Lord made But what he intended Hey girl Don't point the finger at me I am only a rat in a maze like you And only the dead go free So...please hold my hand As we blunder through the maze And remember Nothing can grow without rain (Thunder) C Don't point D Em Don't point your finger at me G G/F# Em I awoke in a fever G G/F# Em The bedclothes were all soaked in sweat G G/F# Em She said "You've been having a nightmare G G/F# Em And it's not over yet" C G Then she picked up the doggy in the window G G/F# Em (The one with the waggly tail) C D Em And she put him to bed between two bits of bread

Аккорды «4:41 Am (sexual Revolution)», «Roger Waters»