Аккорды и текст песни «Tear», «Red Hot Chili Peppers»

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Song opens with a C chord. Play and let ring; The verses follow a C>G>Am pattern as below C G Am In alternate lines of the verse the following fills are heard; C G Am CHORUS: For the chorus the following chord sequence is repeated twice; C Em/C Am F/A F Am F G let the last G chord ring. The chorus ends on Am while Anthony sings "Say it now cause you never know" SOLO: BRIDGE: In the tab below the notes are to be picked extreamly fast, and note that for the purposes of this tab each note represents 1/4 of a bar of picking. The trumpt solo following simply follows the chords for the verses: C > G > Am > Am

Аккорды «Tear», «Red Hot Chili Peppers»