Аккорды и текст песни «Dosed», «Red Hot Chili Peppers»

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Guitar 1 repeats the tab below throughout all verses, Guitar 2 plays the fills which are tabbed according to the vocal line they follow. GUITAR 1: clean electric with chorus and reverb effects GUITAR 2: electric with reverb and slight natural overdrive. Intro: No vocals verse 1: " I got dosed by you, closer to do?" than most to you, what am i supposed "Take it away I never had it anyway, Take it away and everything will be ok" verse 2: "In you a star is born, you cut a perfect form, warm" someone forever prechorus: " Lay on lay on lay on lay on" "Lay on lay on lay on lay on" ========================================================== Chorus guitat one plays the following chords throughout the chorus: G D Em C GUITAR 2: "Way upon the mountain where she died" "All I ever wanted was your life" "Deep inside the canyon i can't hide" "All I ever wanted was your life" Verse three is the same as the previous verses. The chorus following verse three following the following patter on chords: G D Em C and then: G D Em Em G G where a chord is noted twice it indicates it is to be played for 2 bars. Outro: the outro features the standard verse pattern for guitar one while guitar 2 plays the following:

Аккорды «Dosed», «Red Hot Chili Peppers»