Аккорды и текст песни «Parallel Universe», «Red Hot Chili Peppers»

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Intro/Verse(все ноты приглушенные): ~ - тремолло Бас - то же самое, только без заглушки и на тон ниже Chorus(heavy distortion): A5 G5 A5 F5 Бас - Verse(heavy distortion) Deep inside of a parallel universe It´s getting harder and harder To tell what came first Under water where thoughts can breathe Easily Far away you were made in a sea Just like me Christ Im a sidewinder Im a California King I swear its everywhere Its everything Staring straight up into the sky Oh my my a solar system that fits In your eye Microcosm You could die but your never dead spider web Take a look at the stars in Your head fields of space kid Psychic changes are born in your heart Entertain A nervous breakthrough that makes us the same Bless your heart girl Kill the pressure its raining on Salty Cheeks When you hear the beloved song I am with you

Аккорды «Parallel Universe», «Red Hot Chili Peppers»