Аккорды и текст песни «Donegal Express», «Pogues»

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Intro (A,D,A,E, A,D,A,E,A) A D A E Who dares to speak of Donegal, you get kicks in the bars and in the balls A D A E A The harp that played in Tara's halls, is burning in the dump A D A E Virginia is a gin town, Belturbot is a sin town A D A E A And all the boys from skintown are in England on the lump Got pissed in Letterkenny, with darlin' sportin' Jenny Spent me very last penny and we made it in the press The husband caught me in the bed, tried to shoot me in the head I had to swim the stream to get the Donegal Express A D A E Kahaya! You fuck! Come Hell or high water A D A E I might have fucked your Missus, but I never fucked your daughter Fol-diddle-dee-ah (X 4) (A,D,A,E X 3) (A,D,A,E,A - last time only) (A,D,A,E, A,D,A,E,A) X 2 strum F#m As sure as I'm Father Emmett, I've got a King Dong down me Semmett As any girl will tell you from Cavan down to Clare Back in sweet Virginia, in the toilet with Lavinia I nearly fucked her brains out, and tore her party dress A shit, a shave, a shower, A half a pint of Powers Then off again to get on board the Donegal Express Chorus (A,D,A,E, A,D,A,E,A) X 2 Chorus (A,D,A,E, A,D,A,E,A) X 4 strum F#m

Аккорды «Donegal Express», «Pogues»