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# : Sat, 23 Jul 1994 17:39:11 -0400 (EDT) Subject: re: lorelei.crd Try these changes. I play it along with the album and it sounds right. The intro progression is somewhat different, but I think it's just an E-A-B-A kind of thing. Let me know if you think this is better. Liz Myers E You told me tales of love and glory A Same old sad song, same old story E C#m Sirens sing a lullaby G#m B And no one knows but Lorelei Castles out of fairy tales Timbers shiver where once there sailed A lovesick man who caught her eye And no one knew but Lorelei F#m CHORUS: River, river have mercy B Take me down to the sea F#m For if I perish on these rocks B My love no more I'll see I've thought of you in far-off places Puzzled over lipstick traces So help me God, I will not try And then I think of Lorelei I've traveled far and wandered wide An old photograph of you beside me Old Man River seems so shy (?) And he remembers Lorelei CHORUS If I should float upon this stream And see you in my madman's dream I'd sink into your troubled eyes And none would know save Lorelei CHORUS: Oh, river river river have mercy... But if my ship which sails tomorrow Should crash against these rocks, my sorrows I will drown, before I die It's you I'll see, not Lorelei E I-I-I Outro: E A2 (repeat & end on E)

Аккорды «Lorelei», «Pogues»