Аккорды и текст песни «Aisling», «Pogues»

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G C D See the moon is once more rising Above our land of black and green G D G Hear the rebels voice is calling "I shall not die tho' you bury me" G C D Hear the Aunt in bed a dying, "Where is my Johnny" G D G Faded pictures in the hallway, which one of these brown ghosts is he? G Fare thee well my black haired diamond C D Fare thee well my own Aisling G Thoughts and dreams of you will haunt me D G 'Til I come back home again G,C,D, G,D,G X 1 G C And the wind it blows to the North and South G C/E And it blows to the East and West G C And I'll be just like the wind my love G Em For I will have no rest G C D G 'Til I return to thee G,C,D G,D,G X 2 And the wind it blows... G,C,D G,D,G X 2 Bless the wind that shakes the barley, curse the spade and curse the plough Waking in the morning early, I wish to Hell I was with you now One, two, three telegraph poles, give me a drink of sweet poitin Madness from the mountains crawling, when I first met you my own Aisling Fare thee well... X 2 G,C,D G,D,G X 1 Fare thee well... X 2 G,C,D G,D,G X 2

Аккорды «Aisling», «Pogues»