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White Lady White Powder Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the Album 21 at 33 F        Bb/F       F F/D     Bb/D       F/D F/Bb   Bb/Bb     F/Bb F/C     Bb/C       F/C REPEAT +1 OCTAVE F              C/E   Dm          Dm/C Dust settles on a thin cloud Bb                              F            C Sends a fog drifting to a worn out crowd Bb                           Dm                             Eb I've had my face in a mirror for twenty four hours               Bb/D                C/E F        C/G  C6/A  C7/Bb C6/A C Staring at a line of white powder F               C/E         Dm                Dm/C High-priced madness pays the tab       Bb                                                    F      C7 I've scraped too much of nothing from your plastic bag Bb                  Dm                         Eb I'm a catatonic son of a bitch who's had                   Bb/D              C/E F     C/G  C6/A  C7/Bb C6/A C A touch too much of white powder Bb           C       F              C/A And she's a habit I can't handle Bb     C        F               C/A  For a reason I can't say Bb   C                Dm               C/A I'm in love with a wild white lady Bb     C                  F   She's as sweet as the stories say C/E      Dm             C      White powder white lady Bb You're one and the same Am                     Dm            /C Come on down to my house won't you        Bb        C    F      And hit this boy again INTRO AGAIN Shock waves to a tired brain sends that hungry lady to my door again She's my shelter from the storm when I feel the rain Entertaining white powder I feel I'm dry-docked and tongue-tied Heaven sends a stretcher for the kids to ride I might just escape while the others might die Riding on a high of white powder F                     Dm  White powder, white lady, Bb        C    F Hit this boy again

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