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Someone's Final Song Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the Album Blue Moves   Gb - Db - F7/C - Bbm - Ebm/Gb - Db/Ab - Ab    Gmb5+6 He died when the house was empty Bb/F When the maid had gone Eb/G            F/A   G/B He put a pen to paper for one final song Cm He wrote  G7/C Cm Ebm       Fm/Bb Ebm Oh babe, it's the only way Bb          Bb/A              Gm  Bb/F I know it's wrong but I can't stand Gmb5+6           Bb/F                  Eb/G    F7/A    Eb/Bb  Bb To go on living, to go on living, living life this way And I don't know what the time is Or what the next line is Or how you're going to take the news But if I had my life again I wouldn't change a thing I'd let nobody, I'd let nobody Stand inside my shoes Db  Dbmaj7             Bbm        A+ Oh, something's gotten hold of me Ebm          Bbm/Db          Ab7/C     Gb Ab7 This home is not the home it used to be Db                      Abm9           Db9 I've gathered dust like the dying flowers Gb                    Gbm    Db And I've drunk myself sober Ebm7  Ab7/Db    Gb    Db After hours and hours  

Аккорды «Someone`s Final Song», «Elton John»