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Susie(Dramas) Music By Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Honky Chateau         D I got frostbitten in the winter G Ice skating on the river              Em With my pretty little black-eyed girl                            A                             G  She'd make your darn toes curl just to see her             D I got a fringe front on my buggy            G     I got a frisky little colt in a hurry             Em                                A            G And a pretty little black-eyed Suzie by my side D Well she sure knows how to use me G Pretty little black-eyed Suzie A                           G                                D Playing hooky with my heart all the time Living with her funky family G In a derelict old alley A                                          G                                     F     C/E   D Down by the river where we share a little loving in the moonshine I'm an old hayseed harp player I'm the hit of the county fair With my pretty little black-eyed girl Living proof as she swirls She's a dancer

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