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Love Song Music & Lyrics by Lesley Duncan Available on the Album Tumbleweed Connection Gm7 The words I have to say                                    C7 May well be simple but they're true, Gm7 Until you give your love,                                  C7 There's nothing more that we can do. Gm7            C7 Love is the opening door Gm7                    C7  Love is what we came here for Gm7              C7  No one could offer you more Gm7                   C7 Do you know what I mean? Gm7                     C7 Have your eyes really seen? Gm7 You say it's very hard                              C7 To leave behind the life we knew, Gm7 But there's no other way                              C7 And now it's really up to you Gm7           C7 Love is the key we must turn. Gm7             C7  Truth us the flame we must burn. Gm7             C7 Freedom the lesson we must learn. Gm7                  C7 Do you know what I mean? Gm7                      C7 Have your eyes really seen?

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