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Did He Shoot Her? Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Breaking Hearts Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab6 Ab Ab6 Ab Cm/G G Cmsus4 Cm Bb/F F Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb    Bb       Sling your hook in with him baby           Ab   He's a real sharp-shooter now           Eb If he's out there hiding in the tall grass                     Eb/Bb Bb       Eb/Bb Bb    Eb/Bb Bb Tell him I said he    was a  coward This ain't any old western honey It's the twentieth century now But if he thinks he's some kind of tough cowboy And he's hurt her then I want  to know how           Eb/Bb Bb   Eb/Bb Bb  Did he shoot her with his compromise           Ab6   Ab                 Cm/G G Like a heart attack he can paralyse                Cm Or did he hang her in a noose                             Bb/F  F    Gm7    F/A On the telephone line Did he shoot her  with a forty five Did he leave his mark right between her eyes Oh did he shoot that girl Bb/F F                      Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb         That used to be mine Tell him I'm ready any time he chooses The pay-off for the things, for the things he's done He ain't messing with no two-bit bandit Armed with a cou-  ple of guns If he wants to see it as a two reel movie He's living in the head of someone else But better take him down and dust him honey I want to hear the truth for my-self            Eb/Bb Bb  Eb/Bb Bb Did he shoot her            Eb/Bb Bb Did he shoot her

Аккорды «Did He Shoot Her», «Elton John»