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Bitter Fingers Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the Album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy A A                   E        F#m            F#m/G#    A  D/B I'm going on the circuit, I'm doing all the          clubs Bm    A/C#  D      Esus4         A/G                D/F#    E And I really need a song boys to stir those workers up A                                    E          F#m          F#m/G#   A  D/B And get their wives to sing it with me just like in the         pubs Bm      A/C#          D          D/B       Esus4    D/E When I worked the good old pubs in Stepney Oh could you knock a line or two together for a friend Sentimental tear inducing with a happy end And we need a tune to open our season at Southend                     Esus4  G  C/E  Cm/Eb  C/E Can you help us F                                     C/G   G It's hard to write a song with bitter fingers C                                  Am          Amb5 Am  F So much to prove, so few to tell you why                                     C/G             G Those old die-hards in Denmark Street start laughing             C                                    Am            Amb5 Am Dm At the keyboard player's hollow haunted eyes                                          C/E It seems to me a change is really needed F                                   C/G      Cm/F#  C/G  F I'm sick of tra-la-las and la-de-das                                           C/G            G No more long days hacking hunks of garbage            C                                   E                    E7 Bitter fingers never swung on swinging stars, swinging stars A                         E       F#m             F#m/G#    A  D/B I like the warm blue flame, the hazy heat it             brings Bm          A/C#  D Esus4         A/G              D/F#    E It loosens up     the muscles and forces you to sing Bm                A/C#  D      Esus4                    A/G              D/F#    E You know it's just another hit and run from the tin pan alley twins A                                  E         F#m               F#m/G#    A                 D/B And there's a chance that one day you might write a           standard lads Bm                  A/C#  D Esus4           A/G                            D/F#    E So churn them out         quick and fast and we'll still pat your backs A                            E             F#m              F#m/G#    A                 D/B `Cause we need what we can get to launch another      dozen acts Bm A/C# D D/B  Esus4         G  C/E  Cm/Eb  C/E Are                   you working  

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