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intro: G------2-2-------- D -------------2-2 guitar: repeat this A--0-0-----0-0---- bass: enters in on A E----------------- first verse A G D A There's no point in asking you'll get no reply A G E I just remembered I don't decide A G D A I got no reason it's all too much A G E A You'll always find us out to lunch chorus D C A We're so pretty oh so pretty we're vacant We're so pretty oh so pretty we're vacant second verse Don't ask us to attend cos we're not all there Don't pretend cos I don't care I don't believe illusions cos too much is real stop your cheap comments cos we know what we feel chorus post chorus G E A but now we don't care repeat first verse chorus post chorus outro: A pretty pretty vacant (ad lib)

Акорди «Pretty Vacant (2)», «Sex Pistols»