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My Way ----------- Sid Vicious RIFF1 E |-------0------------0------ B |----------4------------4--- G |----1------------1--------- D |--------------------------- A |--------------------------- E |-0-----------0------------- Ema7(RIFF1) Emaj7 And now, the end is near E7 C#7sus4 C#7 And so I face the final cur - tain, ha ha ha F#m You cunt, I«m not a queer B E I«ll state my case, of which I«m certain E I«ve lived a life that«s full A Am And each and every highway E B And yet, much more than this E (FILL) I did it my way FILL E |--------------- B |--------------- G |---2---0-h-1--- D |--------------- A |--------------- E |--------------- E E Regrets, I«ve had a few C# But then again, too few to mention F# F# But dig, what I have to do B E I«ll see it through with no devotion E Of that, take care and just A Am Be careful - duh - along the highway E B And more, much more than this E I did it my way E E There were times, I«m sure you knew C# When there was fuck Fuck all else to do F# But through it all, B When there was doubt G# C# I shot it up or kicked it out F# B I fought the war and the world E And did it my way E E Knocked out in bed last night C# I«ve had my fill - uh - my share of looting F# And now, the tears subside B E I find it all so amusing E To think, I killed a cat A Am And may I say, not in the die way E B But no, not me E I did it my way E E For what is a brat - ta, what has he got C# When he wears hats and takes his knocks F# Say the things B He truly feels G# C# But only the words, not what he feels F# B The record shows I«ve got no clothes E And did it my way

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