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# Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 16:42:15 -0600 (CST) Subject: TAB: Damage, Inc. by Metallica Damage, Inc. By Metallica from Master of Puppets Tabbed By Paul Halvorson I have included all of the song that I know, which is most of it. I know i'm missing a few parts: Kirk's solo, Cliff's solo, and the rythm part before & after Kirk's solo. If you have the parts that I didn't tab, feel free to tab them yourself, and add them to mine and re-post this on OGLA. Feel free to correct or add to all of my other tabs, too (The Shortest Straw, Green Hell, Metal Militia). And sorry if this comes across all screwed up, because Eudora really screws tabs up for spacing and stuff. Intro (after Cliff's solo) Verse Riff Chorus After Chorus o-/|-o o-/ |-o o-/__|-o / / ~~ / ~~ / / / / / / Paul / ======= == TABLATURE EXPLANATION == ======= Rhythm: w = whole note W = dotted whole h = half note H = dotted half q = quarter note Q = dotted quarter e = eighth note E = dotted eighth s = sixteenth note S = dotted sixteenth ^ = triplet

Акорди «Damage Inc», «Metallica»