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# Subject: TAB: Disposable Heroes - Metallica Boy this took ages.. so here is Disposable Heroes minus the solo: I think this is a great song, as fast as Metallica get.. good lyrics too DISPOSABLE HEROES intro: (in 6/4 time) lead over intro: with wah-wah ________________________ _________________________ | 1. | 2. next bit: (in 4/4 time) lead over "next bit" (wah off) ^slide ^slide ^slide faster: play "next bit" again 4 times then into verses the verses are all played solely in the 6th string in the same rhythm as "next bit" 1 Bodies fill the fields I see 2 Barking of machine gun fire does 3 Life planned out before my birth hungry heroes end. nothing to me now nothing could I say. No one to play soldier now, Sounding of the clock that ticks get Had no chance to see myself no one to pretend. used to it somehow. moulded day by day. the second half of each verse follows the same pattern Running blind through killing fields, bred to kill them all. Victim of what said should be, a servant till I fall riff B: Soldier boy, made of clay with riff B: h p sl sl h h p sl vibrato simultaneously depress trem bar 1/2 step _________________________________ | This bar third time only | rhythm fig 1 then with rhythm fig 1 Back to the front. You will do what I say, when I say. Back to the front. You will die when I say you must die. Back to the front. You coward, you servant, you blind man. (then some palm muted open E-string strumming) after second verse: rhythm figure 2 then with rhythm figure 2: Why... am I dying? Kill... have no fear. Lie... live off lying. Hell... hell is here. then a big solo mostly played over E5 with occaisionally a C5 and maybe a D5 then with rhythm figure 2 again: Why... am I dying? Kill... have no fear. Lie... live off lying. Hell... hell is here. I was born for dying.... the rest is just mostly bits an pieces of what is tabbed above you can work them out seeya eric h hammer p pull off PM Palm Mute > accented note (4) note still ringing / slide

Акорди «Disposable Heroes», «Metallica»