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# : Fri, 8 Sep 1995 18:13:01 -0500 (CDT) Stuck With Me GREEN DAY (off of "Insomniac" Due out October 10, '95) tabbed by: Adam and Chad Peiken (INTRO) (VERSE 1) Eb Bb I'm not part of your elite, I'm just all right Ab Class structure, Bb Waving colors Ab Bb Bleeding from my throat Eb Bb Not subservient to you, I'm just all right Ab Bb Downclassed by the powers that be Ab Bb Give me loss of hope (CHORUS) C Cast out Ab Eb Buried in a hole C Struck down Ab Eb Forcing me to fall C Destroyed Ab Eb Giving up the fight Ab Bb Eb (quick second of silence, first time only) I know I'm not all right (VERSE 2) Eb Bb What's my price and you will pay it, if it's all right Ab Bb Take it from my dignity and Ab Bb Waste it till it's dead Eb Bb Through me back into the gutter, cause it's all right Ab Bb Find another pleasure Ab Bb Drag them down to hell (Chorus) SOLO: Finally throw in a last switch to a Bb before the bass and drums solo. (Chorus) End on Eb A quick note: this song was transcribed from the live performance at the '95 MTV Video Awards (the only reason to watch the show). I'm not sure it will be the same version that is on the new album, but it should be close. The lyrics are from the closed captioning of the show and seem to be exact. And now a note for true Green Day fans that listen to more than "Basket Case", "When I Come Around", and "Longview". GD starts a new US tour soon. The opening band is possibly The Riverdales. The new Green Day Album comes out on October 10, and here are the rumored songs: 1. Armatage Shanks (This one was posted by us already) 2. Brat 3. Stuck With Me (You're looking at it) 4. Geek Stink Breath (Soon to be posted) 5. No Pride 6. Bab's Uvula Who? 7. 86 8. Panic Song 9. Stuart And The Ave 10. Brain Stew 11. Jaded (This is probably a cover of the Op IV song) 12. West Bound Sign 13. Tight Was Hill 14. Walking Contradiction That is about it. Send in your comments, suggestions, or Green Day chords. If you what a Green Day song, write us and we will post it. Later, -Chad and Adam.

Акорди «Stuck With Me», «Green Day»

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