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Intro: E Verse: E Waiting in a room All dressed up and bound and gagged C Up to a chair it´s so unfair E I won´t dare move for the pain she puts me through C Em Is what i need, so make it bleed Chorus: C#m I´m in distress, oh mistress I confess E So do it one more time, these handcuffs are too tight, well C#m You know I will obey, so please don´t make me beg A B For blood, sex and booze you give me Post-chorus: E D Some say i´m disturbed, but it´s what i deserve C#m Another lesson to be learned ... A B From a girl called kill Verse: My head is in the gutter Thank you sir, strike up another mandolin Of discipline Throw me to the dogs Let them eat my flesh down To the wood It feels so good Chorus: Post-Chorus: Bridge: Oh... E E E E C G C G C G C G Chorus: Bridge: Outro: E D C#m C B

Акорди «Blood, Sex And Booze», «Green Day»

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