Акорди та текст пісні «Elton`s Song», «Elton John»

Пісня додана у «Моє вибране»
Intro: Em  C  G  D  Em  C  G   Bm              A/B     Staring all alone               C/A          G At your grace and style Bm                 A/B Cut me to the bone                  C/A              G With your razor blade smile D                     Em       C I watched you playing pool G                           G/F C/E          D     G Bm                       A/B I love your gypsy hair         C/A             G And dark brown eyes Bm                A/B Always unprepared                C/A       G For your pointed replies D       Em    C   Cynical and lean G                       G/F C/E   D     G G/F    C     F If you only knew G/F          C       F What I'm going through          Bb    Eb       Ab   Db Time and again I get ashamed       G           C To say your name G/F             C           F It's hard to grin and bear G/F               C            F When you're standing there       Bb         Eb My lips are dry    Ab             Db        G     C I catch your eye and look away Bm               A Sitting in my room C             G I've got it bad Bm                 A Crying for the moon C                      G They think I'm mad D                Em  C They say it isn't real G                           G/F   C/E          D    G   D                 Em        C But I would give my life G                  G/F  C/E   D        G

Акорди «Elton`s Song», «Elton John»