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Chameleon Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Blue Moves G  Bm/F#  Em  G/D  C  G/B Am7  G/B  C   D G               Bm/F#    Em   G/D The last I heard of you                   C                       G/B                          Am7          C            You were somewhere on a cruise in the Mediterranean G/D              Bm/F#  Em  G/D               C             G/B So imagine my surprise       to see you very much alive                             Am7    E7 In the English rain again                                         Am And I can still recall wet afternoons C/G                                    D When we were small and simply childish G                  A/G                       D/A But you've created your own ghost                                           F#/Bb                     Dsus4   D And the need you have is more than most to hide it F              G                    F                                    G           C Oh, Chameleon, you're stealing your way back into my eyes D/C                              G/D Beyond a shadow of a doubt                        C/E                          D/F# You're a devil, you're a devil in disguise B                     Em                 A                Dsus4  D Do you really change me, or am I going crazy G                 Bm/D           C                           C/D                G Chameleon, Chameleon, Chameleon, you're free again my child I remember still those lazy summer days We'd kill out hunting danger And we were alien  to all outsiders We had no desire to talk to strangers C  Bb

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