Акорди та текст пісні «Pagan Baby», «Creedence Clearwater Revival»

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PAGAN BABYwrittten by John C. Fogerty opening riff: 8 timese e-------------------- B-------------------- G-------9---7-9-7---- D---5s7---9---------- A-------------------- E-------------------- E A E A E E A E A E E A E Pagan Baby, won't you walk with me E A E A E E A E Pagan Baby, come on home with me E A E A E A E Pagan baby, take me for a rideE A E A E E A E Roll me, baby, roll your big brown eyes.Bridge: A D E E A E A D E E A E Pagan Baby, let me make your name Drive it, baby, drive your big love game Pagan baby, what you got I need Don't be savin', spread your love on me play bridge a few timesthen on tempo: E A-G play like this: E A G e---------3------------------ B-----2---0------------------ G--1--2---0------------------ D--2--2---0------------------ A--2------2------------------ E--0------3------------------ Pagan Baby, Now won't you rock with me? Pagan baby, Lay your love on me solo over E A-G , bridge and over changing betw. E D ....find your own waylittle solo riff (whole solo anybody?) e-----10-11-12-12~~~~~~----- B--12----------------------- G--------------------------- D--------------------------- A--------------------------- E---------------------------

Акорди «Pagan Baby», «Creedence Clearwater Revival»