Акорди та текст пісні «Molina», «Creedence Clearwater Revival»

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Molina (J. Fogerty) CHORUS: C Moli-i-i-i-na, where you goin' to ? Am G C Moli-i-i-i-na, where you goin' to ? C She's daughter to the mayor, Messin' with the sheriff, Drivin' in a blue car, She don't see no red light. CHORUS She's comin' in the mornin' Lookin' a disaster, Drivin' in the prowl car, Spent the night in jail. CHORUS Oh! Sheriff gonna go far Drivin' to the state house, If she makes a million, Papa can retire. CHORUS CHORUS

Акорди «Molina», «Creedence Clearwater Revival»