Аккорды и текст песни «Submission», «Sex Pistols»

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intro: F Eb C Bb Eb C x3 verse C Bb Eb C I'm on a submarine mission for you baby I feel the way you were going I picked you up on my tv screen I feel your undercurrent flowing chorus Eb F C Submission going down down dragging me down Eb F C Bb Eb C Submission I can't tell you what I found second verse You got me pretty deep baby I can't figure out your watery love I gotta solve your mystery You're sitting it out in heaven above chorus bridge F C For a mystery F Under the sea Eb Under the water C Bb Eb C x2 third verse (instrumental) second bridge cos it's a secret under the water under the sea repeat second verse chorus outro (w/ ad lib) C Bb

Аккорды «Submission», «Sex Pistols»