Аккорды и текст песни «Friggin In The Riggin», «Sex Pistols»

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C ______ x|||xx |||||| |o||||3 |||||| ||oo||5 |||||| ||||||7 |||||| ||||||9 F _____ o||xxx |||||| |oo|||3 |||||| ||||||5 |||||| ||||||7 |||||| ||||||9 G ______ |||xxx |||||| o|||||3 |||||| |oo|||5 |||||| ||||||7 |||||| ||||||9 C G It was on the good ship Venus F C By Christ ya shouldda seen us. C F The figurehead was a whore in bed, G C And the mast a mammoth penis. C G The captain of this starker F C He wept to leave his mother. C F He wasn't fit to shovel *** G C From one place to another. Chorus: C G Friggin' in the riggin' F C Figgin' in the riggin' C F Friggin' in the riggin' G C There was *** all else to do.

Аккорды «Friggin In The Riggin», «Sex Pistols»