Аккорды и текст песни «Special Agent Conrad Uno», «Man Or Astro Man»

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# # Tabbed by Brian (Ansigod) McCall 3/28/96 SPECIAL AGENT CONRAD UNO - by Man...or Astro-man? ======= ===== ====== === available on Project Infinity, Live Transmissions from Uranus, and Your Weight on the Moon. *1 [pick slide] cracendo (sp?)^ *2 *3 *5 * once you reach the end of your fretboard...don't stop there! Keep on moving up your strings and keep picking! Go almost all the way to your bridge then come back down. Use your fingernails if the strings don't ring well. (Project Infinity has a Peter Gunn cover thrown in here) *6 repeat *2 *7 palm muting mostly repeat *1 and *2. End on open E.

Аккорды «Special Agent Conrad Uno», «Man Or Astro Man»