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# # Tabbed by Brian (Ansigod) McCall PUT YOUR FINGER IN THE SOCKET - by Man...ot Astro-Man? from their === ==== ====== == === ====== album Project Infinity I've bever tabed guitars with tremolos before so this is my first. I'll use the tilda character ~ at the top of a tab bar to denote whammy bar tremolo/vibrato. ^ will denote a "dive" type bar thing and can also be followed by ~. *1 ~~~ ~~~ ^ ~~ ~~~ V V V V *2 Repeat *1 but exclude the C/G and third Bb/E chord parts. *3 Interlude Note: I didn't tab each note of this phrase....because there's lots of them! Repeat certain parts of *1...you get the idea. Please send comments, corrections, flames, etc...to the top address.

Аккорды «Put Your Finger In The Socket», «Man Or Astro Man»