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# TREAT ME NICE song by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller (t) denotes tacet When [C] I walk through that door, baby be po-[C7] lite. Your [F] gonna make me sore, if you don't greet me right. Dont ya [G7] ever kiss me [C] once, kiss me [D7] twice, [G7] (t) treat me [C] nice I [C] know that you've been told, its not fair to [C7] tease, so [F] if you come on cold, I'm really gonna freeze. If you [G7] don't want me to [C] be cold as [D7]ice, [G7] (t) treat me [C] nice, [C7] [F] Make me feel at [C] home, [F] if you [F#dim] really [C] care. [F] Scratch my back and [C] run your pretty - [F] fingers [F#] through my [G7] hair. You [C] know I'd be your slave, if you ask me [C7] to. But [F] if you don't behave, I'll walk right out on you. If you [G7] want my love then take my [D7] advice, [G7] (t) treat me [C] nice, [F7] [C] ___________________________________________________________________

Аккорды «Treat Me Nice», «Elvis Presley»