Аккорды и текст песни «Kiss Me Quick», «Elvis Presley»

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Bb Hm ... kiss me quick Eb F While we still have this feeling Bb Hold me close and never let me go B7b 'Cause tomorrow can be so uncertain Eb Emb Love can fly and leave just hurtin' Bb F7 Bb Kiss me quick because I love you so Hm ... kiss me quick And make my heart go crazy Sigh that and whisper oh so low Tell me that tonight will last forever Say that you will leave me never Kiss me quick because I love you so Oh let the band keep on playin' (F) While we are swayin' (Bb) Let's keep on playin' (F) That we'll never stop (Bb) Mm ... kiss me quick I just can't stand waitin' 'Cause your lips are lips I long to know For that kiss will open heaven's door And we'll stay there forever more So kiss me because I love you so Mm ... kiss me quick because I love you so

Аккорды «Kiss Me Quick», «Elvis Presley»