Аккорды и текст песни «Good Luckarm», «Elvis Presley»

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# GOOD LUCK CHARM Intro: D7 G Ah ah oh yeah G C G D A. Don't wanna four leaf clover, don't wanna an old horse shoe. G C Want your kiss cos I just can't miss D G With a good luck charm like you. D7 G B. C'mon n' be my little good luck charm ah D7 You sweet delight, I wanna good luck charm I'm hanging on my own, du hau, do hau G C G Du how, du how, a tonight. A. Don't wanna silver dollar, rabbit's foot on a string My happiness and your warm caress No rabbit foot can bring. B. C'mon n' be . . . A. If I found a lucky penny I'd toss it across the bay Your love is worth all the gold on Earth No wonder that I say. B. C'mon n' be . . .

Аккорды «Good Luckarm», «Elvis Presley»