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When a Woman Doesn't Want You Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the Album The One G    Cmaj7    Bm7    C    D G                Cmaj7 She may be lost                             Bm7 She may be out of bounds C                                G                        Em All her tenderness and charms could be something Em/D         C    G/B              Am7     Am7/D   D A man like me has never found G                            Cmaj7 But in her woman's way                             Bm7 She's still a little girl C                            G/B             Em                Em/D       The things that she wants, the things that she needs C                G/B         Am7      Am7/D   Oh well the choice is hers D                G                Bm7 `Cause you can't take a woman C                        G When she doesn't want you C                            G/B And you can't be a man              D           C/E   D/F#  If you're blind to rea-  son G                  Bm7 Man might be strong C                     C# But true love is stronger                 C        G/B You gotta play it straight            Am7      Am7/D  Eb            G When a woman doesn't want you Her voice invites Her eyes say more than words But her needs and complications Can tear away the memory of last night's girl And if you're weak Yeah we're all weak sometime The best things can wait The best times they come Oh when strength is kind G/F                   C/E And if you can't read her G Leave her alone G/F                                 C/E And if you don't know by now         Am7 She's not someone's prize A7                                C/D And you can't take her home D oh  cause you....

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