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Understanding Women Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album The One Gm              D7/F#                Rolling over trying to sleep Bb/F                      Cm/Eb And understanding women D                                    D7 Thinking of you out there somewhere Gm                                        G7 Looking for a new beginning Cm                            D7 Just let me be the final word          Gm                         Gm/F   In the book we haven't written C/E                            D   Eb6 I won't be another page     D7                  Gm In understanding women I could drive to Mexico On understanding women Throw myself against the waves And answer up to heaven How come her heart's so stubborn And what's so wrong with giving Ask the big sky talking About understanding women G7/F                          Cm                      F                            Bb  And I'm not just anyone who ever stood outside your door G7/F                      Cm                        F            Bb And I'm not any man you've ever known before Bb7 Don't judge this picture by the frame Eb Every man is not the same F Some men reach beyond the pain                             Of understanding women

Аккорды «Understanding Women», «Elton John»