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Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year) Music By Elton John F  C  D/E  C              G                Em7 We still sit at separate tables               C                     G And we sleep at different times               D                       Em And the warm wind in the palm trees                  C Hasn't helped to change our minds                  G          Em7 It was the lure of the tropics               C                              G That I thought might heal the scars          D                         Em Of a love burned out by silence           C In a marriage minus heart             B7 And I call the kids on the telephone                   Em Say there's something wrong out here          C                   G It's July but it's cold as Christmas                D In the middle of the year          Am/E The temperature's up to ninety five                   Am       Am/G        F But there's a winter look in your mother's eyes           C                            E/G# And to melt the tears there's a heat wave here       F                 C                                   G              F So how come it's cold as Christmas in the middle of the year                       G                  Em7 I dreamed of love in a better climate                C                 G And for what it's really worth            D                        Em I put faith in the star we followed                 C To this Caribbean surf                         G                Em7 But there's an icy fringe on everything             C                 G And I cannot find the lines                      D               Em Where's the beauty in the beast we made                 C Why the frost in the summertime D/C C D/C G  

Аккорды «Cold As Christmas (in The Middle Of The Year)», «Elton John»