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{t:Paint It Black} {st:The Rolling Stones} [Fm]I see a red door and I [C7]want it painted black [Fm]No colours anymore I [C7]want them to turn black [Fm]I [Eb]see the [Ab]girls walk by dressed [Fm]in their summer clothes I [Eb]have to [Ab]turn my h[Eb]ead un[Bb]til my darkness goes [Fm]I see a line of cars and [C7]they're all painted black [Fm]With flowers and my love both [C7]never to come back [Fm]I see [Eb]people [Ab]turn their heads and [Fm]quickly look away Like a [Eb]new born [Ab]baby [Eb]it just [Bb]happens every day [Fm]I look inside myself and [C7]see my heart is black [Fm]I see my red door and I [C7]want it painted black [Fm]Maybe [Eb]then I'll [Ab]fade away and [Fm]not have to face the facts It's not [Eb]easy [Ab]facing [Eb]up when [Bb]your whole world is black [Fm]No more will my green sea go [C7]turn a deeper blue [Fm]I could not foresee this thing [C7]happening to you [Fm] If [Eb]I look [Ab]hard en[Eb]ough in[Fm]to the setting sun My [Eb]love will [Ab]laugh with [Eb]me be[Bb]fore the morning [C7]comes I wanna see your [Fm]face painted black, [C7]black as night I [Fm]wanna see the sun blotted [C7]out from the sky I wanna see it [Fm]painted, painted, painted, painted bl[C7]ack, [Fm]yeah

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