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# Transcription by Peter Martinsson {t:New Faces} {st:Rolling Stones, Voodoo Lounge} [D]There's a new guy in town He's been dragging around [G]He's the [A]figure of [D]youth [D]And his eyes are so blue And they're looking at you [G]So [A]tell me the [D]truth [G]Well, [A]well, he's got [D]stories to [G]tell [G]He bites off [A]more than he [D]chews [G]Well, [A]well, is he [D]ringing your [G]bell [G]My heart is [A]breaking in [D]two And his skin is so fair And it shines like his hair As he stands so aloof With an indolent air And an insolent stare That just shutters the truth Well, well, is he ringing your bell My heart is breaking in two Well, well, he'll be rotting in hell For playing the devil with you [Bm]Is it al[G]ready too late [Bm]No point [G]shutting the gate [Bm]Have you already [G]swallowed the bait and you're [A]gone[ring out] {np} As he knocks you down cool As you lose all control To this slip of a youth I see fire in his eyes I see ice in his smile And I'm learning the truth Well, well, he's got stories to tell Of love that is long overdue Well, well, who is under his spell Is paying the devil his due

Акорди «NewFaces», «Rolling Stones»