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Intro: Dm B C Dm Dm Oh, I can not explain: Am Every time it's the same. B C Oh I feel that it's real, Dm Take my heart. I've been lonely too long. Oh, I can't be so strong. Take the chance for romance, Take my heart. Am I need you so Dm Am There's no time I'll ever go Chorus: Dm Cheri, cheri lady Am Going through a motion B Love is where you find it C Dm Listen to your heart. Cheri, cheri lady Living in devotion It's always like the first time Let me take a part. Cheri, cheri lady, Like there's no tomorrow Take my heart, don't lose it, Listen to your heart. Cheri, cheri lady, To know you is to love you, If you call me baby I'll be always yours. (Dm B C Dm) x 2 I get up, I get down, All my world turns around. Who is right? Who is wrong? I don't know. I've got pain in my heart, Got a love in my soul. Easy come, but I think, Easy go. I need you so Although times I move so slow. Chorus. x 2

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