Акорди та текст пісні «Let There Be Light (3)», «Mike Oldfield»

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Let There Be Light notation: 2h3 - play fret 2, hammer on fret 3 2B(3) - play fret 2, bend to fret 3 2B(3)R(2) - play fret 2, bend to 3 and release back to 2 2-sl/-3 - play fret 2, slide up to fret 3 line 1 line 2 *note: bend 9 to 11 _slowly_ line 1 variation line 3 *note: both slides on this line are very fast line 4 line 1 variation2 line 2 variation *note: on the diads, hit the first one, clearly, then slide up to the second one and hit it again.

Акорди «Let There Be Light (3)», «Mike Oldfield»