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Am Dm Do you know what you fear of the ravens dark Am Em Am Do you know what they hide ,hide within their hearts Dm Can you see the sorrow within their eyes Am F Em Can you hear their cries ,when the fiddle dies ... Mistletoe ,friend of foe ,so black upon the moor Fallen leaves coloured red ,blood of all the dead Into mist they´ll take you soul ,they´ll take your heart And none of flames shall burn with the ravens dark проигрыш: Am Am F Em (2 раза) Am Dm Raven land - mistletoe Am F Raven land - friend of foe Whispering winds from the land of the nevermore Bringing tales of the dead ,dead in times before Can you hear the shadows within the night Can you see the flames ,as the fire dies ... Mistletoe ,not a foe ,black friend upon the moor And the leaves coloured red ,tears from all the dead In the mist they keep your soul ,they keep your heart And all of flames shall burn with the ravens dark Raven land - mistletoe Raven land - friend of foe

Акорди «Raven Land», «Lake of Tears»

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