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# ************ YOU SHOW ME YOURS AND I'LL SHOW YOU MINE ************ performed by Kris Kristofferson. Capo on the 1st fret. Chorus:(1st one almost a capella) E A E If your feeling salty,then i'm your tequila B7 E If you've got the freedom then i've got the time A E There ain't nothing sweeter than naked emotions B7 E So you show me yours and i'll show you mine Verse 1: A E Now mam i know this ain't all that you've ever been used to B7 E You with your rings on your fingers and time on your hands A E Sometimes it's nice to have somebody nice to be close to B7 E I know i've been there before you and i understand Chorus. Verse 2: A E I know that i'm not the answer to all of your questions B7 E Lord knows you know you wish you were the answer to mine A E But darling if you ain't a thing but a change in direction B7 E God knows i know you'll be someone i'm lucky to find Chorus. B7 E So you show me yours and i'll show you mine. Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics. Perret Charles-Amir.

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