Акорди та текст пісні «Damned For All Time», «Jesus Christ Superstar»

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Bends in the beginning: improvise smth. (do not leave 8th and 10th frets and do as many bends as you can - and it will do :) Riff This goes almost all time... Intro Intro and Verses go this way: Riff(xN)-D5-C5-Riff IMO N=4, I don't remember - listen to the song... D5 and C5 is better to pick on higher frets... Each chord is played twice The second guitar with D5 and C5 plays: D5 C5 Chorus: Eflat5 I have no thought at all about my own reward F5 I really didn't come here out of my own accord D5 C5 Riff Just don't say I'm D5 C5 Riff Damned for all time

Акорди «Damned For All Time», «Jesus Christ Superstar»