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# DADDY FRANK by Merle Haggard Daddy Frank played the guitar and the french harp Sister played the ringing tambourine Mamma couldn't hear the pretty music She read our lips and helped the family sing That little band was all a part of living And our only means of living at the time And it wasn't like no normal family combo Cause Daddy Frank the guitar man was blind Chorus Frank and mamma counted on each other Their one and only weakness made them strong Mamma did the driving for the family And Frank made a living with a song Home was just a camp along the highway Pick-up bed was where we bedded down Don't ever once remember going hungry But I remember mamma cooking on the ground Can't remember how they came acquainted Can't recall just how it came to be There had to be some special help from someone And blessed be the one that let it be Fever caused my mamma's loss of hearing Daddy Frank was born without his sight And mamma needed someone she could lean on And I believe the guitar man was right Repeat chorus...

Акорди «Daddy Frank.lyr», «Haggard Merle»